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How To Learn Chinese in Hong Kong: Language Learning Strategies For Linguistic Learners

If you want to learn Mandarin you should want to learn the language and be willing to pay the price for it. Some people may ask: The teaching method is important? The answer is: Without a doubt! You depend on the Chinese lesson Hong Kong the best way to get the best results.

When you study Chinese Hong Kong you should know more about the methods.

In the language course, met the methods for learning foreign languages of the last hundred years. One is called “direct method”, created by Charles Berlitz in the nineteenth century. One day, a company, when we expect our student to arrive, a teacher was teaching only in Chinese or English in a neighboring room to which I was. The student “suffered” enough in class, but that’s a pressure that the very cocky propose to students. There are other methods, such as scenario method, audio-visual method, silent method and many others.

Know the differences before you start to study Chinese Hong Kong
Good to know that there is an essential difference between Mandarin and Western languages: it was developed from figures; even if it was simplified today, it can be understood very well without pronunciation.

This means that the language of writing is the principal; phonetics was created later. Therefore, for students who are beginning to learn from scratch, they are practically learning two languages at the same time. Many of them focus on pronunciation and avoid writing, and this is a serious mistake. As time passes, there are more confusion, because the characters (ideograms) Chinese are all monosyllables and there are many different ideograms with the same pronunciation! If the student mix tones the situation is even worse.

With the Pinyin, the student does not take long and you can talk to everything in “Mandarin”, but, in fact, is an illiterate! When he wants to progress more, it will feel very difficult, and most give up halfway. If you think it’s going well, it’s good to take a break and reflect whether there is balance between the Pinyin and the ideograms. Do not be accommodated, letting time pass if you have doubts ask your friends in Chinese class Hong Kong.

The following two stories may help to remember that.

The first story is: a tiger that was a long time at the zoo was released and returned to the mountain with an ox. The tiger went hungry because he just ate the meat on the plate and not the flesh in the form of an ox, which he had to struggle to be able to eat.

Another story tells of an old lion retired and was placed in a steppe region in Africa. The men who went there saw a tin phenomenon: the lion walked seven steps away from a certain place and returned, and kept repeating the same process. Then people realized that the animal accustomed to his life in a cage in which he was only allowed to walk seven steps!

learning language

The bottom line is…

Do not settle, even if the situation is very comfortable, because otherwise, who knows someday you will be in situations tiger and lion. Always ask, “is that I’m in the right direction” The great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu said: He who is able to understand the other is a smart person, but who has understanding of himself is more intelligent and wise! Make sure you have the best Chinese class Hong Kong to learn!visit this website here!

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