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Can you learnchinesefor free? I wasn’t sure if it was possible when I set out to start learning chinese. I found a free online chinese course from Rocket Languages that promised to have me speaking basic chinese in just six days.

I was skeptical at first when I heard about this because I’ve heard from a lot of people that chineseis one of the most difficult languages to learn. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to learn chinese or another language, but with the Middle East being in the news so often lately, I decided that it was important to know at least some basicchineseto understand what was going on in the world more clearly.
And as someone who travels a lot, I know that speaking just a few phrases of a country’s native language can completely change the way locals perceive and interact with me, so I decided to give the email course a more here!

After I signed up, I confirmed my free email subscription and started receiving lessons immediately. The first email included a basic overview of the course, as well as a few words and phrases. The best content however, was on the Rocket Languages website.

I clicked on a link to the first lesson and went through the first part of the training, learning to say basic greetings in chinese. My favorite part of the program was that it was interactive and I got to hear the proper pronunciation of chinese phrases that I would definitely be able to use while traveling.

The interactive lessons included multimedia language training and are designed to get you speaking chinese right away, without spending hours studying grammar, which was a major plus. Having studied Spanish in college, I wanted a course that was focused on speaking and learning the important stuff for travelers, from day 1.More online learning from


Over the course of six days, the following topics were covered:

• How to meet and greet in chinese

• “Survival phrases” that you must know to travel in an chinese-speaking country

• How to be the Perfect Tourist in an chinese country

• How to navigate a restaurant in chinese

• How to buy train tickets and get around in chinese

• How to manage common travel scenarios in Arabic, like booking a hotel and speaking to a taxi driver

Overall I would say my experience was positive. I learned a lot of useful stuff and I can now have a basic conversation in chinese with a native speaker. I would definitely recommend Rocket Languages chinese as a great way to learn chinese free and to learn chinese online.

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